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Registration, tuition and fees management(学生注册及学费管理办法)

  1. 本学期太极班学杂费为$60。PCAA会员享有$15折扣。
    The tuition and fees of Taiji program for Fall2023 semester is $170. PCAA family member will have $15 discount.
  2. 每学期开始的前两周为试读、注册及班级调整期。
    The first two weeks are registration period, in which student should register class and is allowed to transfer between classes. New students can try out some class to see if they are suitable.
  3. 开学四周内退学,学费100%退还;第四周以后不退学费。
    100% 0f the tuition will be refunded if a student drops out within the first 4 weeks.

Peninsula Chinese School (PCS)